...if I do it again, just kuku kill me.

Mummy Calm Down.

Until another video surfaces, Mummy Calm Down is the latest internet sensation or the rave of the moment.

The video has been shared on many WhatsApp groups and has generated arguments as to the appropriateness or otherwise of the mother’s actions – threatening and ‘videoing’ (to use the boy’s word) instead of simply cutting to the chase.

In the epic Mummy Calm Down ‘skit’ which depicts one of the measures that African mothers adopt to restore children to default settings, the young lad pulls all the stops in the world to disarm his mother.

While I sighted no tears, (some people cry but don’t shed tears) the boy was at least terrified.

The first part of the video shows a child who’s clearly terrified. We do not know whether he had gotten the first stroke(s) of the instrument of beating – slippers, koboko, omorogun/turn garri (laddle), belt or the hand; all of which are tools used by African mothers to discipline offsprings.

In the part featuring – I WANT YOU TO BE CALMING DOWN, Mr Calm Down attempts to wriggle out of the situation by demonstrating for effect, how he wants his mum to be calming down, incase she is not in tune with pop culture lingo.

True to type, African mother threatens further – You wey I wan beat, you dey siddon. At this point, Mr Calm Down goes on his knees with an appeal akin to – if this cup shall pass over me, I will not do it again. Na so (games children play).

He’s so afraid that he erroneously confesses in yoruba language that He WILL DO IT AGAIN and then adds that I WILL NOT DO IT TOMORROW; meaning that he will take a one day sabbatical and may resume his mischief the day after tomorrow. Hmmmm. Orisirisi.

He pleads for one last chance in the world as if to say – if I do it again, just kuku kill me.

As he stands up, it dawns on him that the mother-son ‘transaction’ is being recorded and then he asks ARE YOU VIDEOING Me? And the Director shouts CUT!!!!!

My take: the mother got the boy too scared. Yes, those little angels can be truants and tyrants on some occasions but getting him so terrified was a bit overboard. Mummy you really need to be calming down.

As for the recording; the objective, I cannot fathom.

Post Script:
In what appears to be a; Plead Your Way to Fame episode, Oreofeoluwa Lawal-Babalola (that’s his name) is now an internet sensation and has by DINT OF HARDWORK earned himself an invitation by the Lagos State Governor.

See why it’s good for mummies to be calming down.

In all situations make sure you are calm. While driving especially in this period. Be calm with other road users.
Thank you.


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