Bad Roads Our Cry

This is what should trend with others!
The picture below is taken on a trunk A (Federal Government) road linking Calabar (Cross River) and Uyo (Akwa Ibom) states in a distance less than 105 kilometres vide google. This two states have combined, six (6) senators with three (3) from each state while in the federal constituency, by providence, Akwa Ibom have ten (10) Federal legislators and Cross River have eight (8) making a total of twenty four (24) Federal Law makers, Eighteen (18) Legislators, six (6) Executives.

It might also interest you to know that they have ministers coming from these two states who have served or are serving as NDDC Ministers. The rest of the story is left for you to guess!

Till date, Akwa-Ibom still produces oil and Calabar have oil tanks where oil is moved out to other states.

What baffles me is that, their trucks keep having accident in this same road with their fuel wasting due to the deplorable state of this road that link the two states and our politicians are yet to speak concerning that road.

Please a state of emergency should be declared on that road because:
1 That is the only road that link the two states.
2. That is a good thing to do
3. That is the only option for now.
4. That is one of the ways of affecting the lives of those who voted you to powers.

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