FG set tough guidelines for passengers ahead flight resumption

FAAN begins MMI Airport decongestion

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria has said passengers should brace up for

rigorous health checks at the airports, flight delays and increase in airfare when restrictions are lifted and operations resume post COVID-19.

The General Manager, Corporate Affairs of FAAN, Henrietta Yakubu, said this at an aviation webinar organised by Women in Aviation Nigeria, with the theme: “Aviation: The New Norm in the post COVID-19.

Yakubu said passengers should expect delays and long hours of checks and re-checks right from when they arrive the airport and departs as the agency has put arrangements in place regarding passenger facilitation and what to expect.

She said escorts of Very Important Persons would no longer be allowed to follow their principals into the terminal and such principals would be subjected to all its health checks.

She said passengers are expected to leave home early hours before their flights in order to go through the various checks before entering the terminal and after.

She said: “We are going to expect flight delays; flights will experience delays because of checks and re-checks.

“If you are travelling, I will expect a potential traveler to leave home hours before his flight.

“Why do I say this?

“Because there is going to be a lot of checks in the front of the terminal.

“We have been told that some activities and procedures will take place in front of the terminal.

“So air travelers are expected to leave home very early so that they can get to the airport on time.”

The FAAN spokesperson also explained that passengers should expect that airlines would charge more in terms of airfare, adding that the International Air Transport Association has said there would be 45 per cent increase in fares.

Yakubu stated that the COVID-19 had brought a lot of changes to air travel and to ensure the safety of passengers and airport users the way of doing things before have to change, adding that the pandemic would make people cut down on non-essentials and lead to low demand of air travel.

At all airports, she said social distancing would be 100 per cent, temperature screening, wearing of face masks, disinfection of shoes and luggage of passengers would also be carried out 100 per cent regardless of personalities.

“There will be floor markings indicating where each passenger will wait on the queue, arriving passengers will also be subjected to temperature screening, physical distancing too will be observed while passengers are waiting by the carousel to pick up their luggage.

“Passengers are expected to arrive the airport with their face masks on, their luggage and
pairs of shoes to be disinfected.

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